Dr. Alan Palmer DC, is available for a limited number of speaking engagements. To schedule one of these topics or ask Dr. Palmer to custom design one of your choosing, please fill out the request form on the right of this page.

  1. Back Safety – Injury Prevention
  2. Stay Fit While You Sit – Reduce Postural Stress When Working Sitting on the Job
  3. Allergies – Finding and Correcting the Underlying Reasons that Allergies Develop in the First Place
  4. Nutritional Control of Pain and Inflammation- Ways to Heal Faster
  5. Sports Performance and Injury Prevention- Perform at a Higher Level and Learn How to Treat & Prevent the Most Common Injuries
  6. Advanced Sports Nutrition – How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout and Recover Faster from Injuries through Nutrition
  7. The Less Stress Workshop– Response Driven Solutions
  8. Osteoporosis– Is a Young Woman’s Disease
  9. Nutritional Breakthroughs – What’s New and What’s Hot
  10. Building a Healthy Immune System- The Secrets of Success
  11. Natural Treatments for Arthritis- Ways to Put the Fire Out
  12. Fatigue and Energy Disorders – Natural, Healthy Solutions
  13. Autoimmune Disease- Shifting the Balance away from Autoimmunity
  14. The Six Secrets of Optimum Health- How to Incorporate Them into Your Lifestyle
  15. Golf Performance & Injury Prevention– As Your Body Goes…..
  16. The Common Sense Weight Management Program – Learning to Live Right and Enjoy Food
  17. Menopause and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  18. Hypoglycemia – Treat the Cause
  19. Intestinal Health – The Missing Link to Well-Being
  20. Detoxification – Living and Thriving in a Toxic World
  21. The Role of Diet in Health and Disease- You Become What You Eat
  22. Infant Nutrition – Give Your Child a Healthy Start
  23. The Mind-Body Connection– Making the Connection Work for You
  24. Fibromyalgia– The Mystery Behind it and How to Move Beyond it
  25. The 21st Century Health Solution – The Latest Breakthroughs in Optimum Health
  26. The Secrets to Aging Slowly – Discover the Secrets to Delaying the Aging Process
  27. Cancer- Starve the Beast and Boost Your Defenses
  28. The Healthy Aging Brain- Staying Sharp with Age

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