1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail eBook

1200 Studies – Truth Will Prevail

Thousands of Scientists and Researchers Weigh In…

to Shed Light and Truth on One of The Most Hotly Debated Topics of Our Time

I spent 2 1/2 years and over 2,500 hours compiling the original version and hundreds of hours producing several updates since, with the goal of sharing it with the world. In the initial 2-years after the release, I was blessed to be able to give away over 100,000 FREE downloads of 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail to people from 36 countries. I have written numerous articles for professional trade journals, vaccine risk awareness advocacy groups, appeared on podcasts and spoken at vaccine education/awareness conferences and since May of 2020, I have produced a monthly newsletter focusing on the COVID-19 issue. And it is an information packed newsletter with two to three dozen stories, all searchable with links to references. In order to be able to continue doing this important investigative research and reporting, I have had to make the difficult decision to charge something for my eBook. As of November 21st, 2020, I have begun to charge a nominal fee for it. Even so, for about what you would pay for a Starbucks coffee you will have access to this one of a kind resource, an incredible amount of information at your fingertips in a searchable resource like no other! Since 1200 Studies is a living document, I plan on updating it every few months, adding the latest scientific evidence in an effort to provide vaccine safety awareness advocates and the general public a valuable resource and the ability to counter vaccine industry propaganda. Until there is a paradigm shift in vaccine safety, we must press on despite social media censorship, cancel culture, unprecedented amounts of pharma propaganda and powerful special interest forces. And now with vaccine mandates looming and social media censorship preventing the sharing of critical information, even peer-reviewed science that doesn’t agree with the declared agenda, grassroots efforts must be mobilized. That means sharing information and resources for information with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

A Special Resource

Get this 700-page interactive eBook, now containing excerpts from over 1,500 articles and published PubMed studies, themselves containing thousands of additional supportive references. The science contradicts what we are being told by many medical doctors, the media, our government officials and the pharmaceutical industry about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. We are told time and time again, that vaccines are extremely safe and effective and that “the science is settled” on the matter. Well I have news for those who think so. There are thousands of scientists and researchers that disagree. And, you are about to meet them and hear what they have to say. The bottom line is that THE SCIENCE IS FAR FROM SETTLED!

I Have Made Navigating and Finding Information EASY for You

(Even if you’re not a doctor or scientist)

1200 Studies is an interactive document. The format this document is being presented in, maximizes your ability to search by key word or phrase and jump from Table of Contents directly to items that you want to see with a mouse click. And, it will allow you to access the actual research, the studies and the articles instantly. That way you can immediately check to see if what my document says is true. Books can be tedious to wade through and checking references difficult and time consuming. This e-book changes all of that! It makes it all FAST AND EASY in just a click of your mouse.


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The Purpose Behind This Project

(for those that want to read more)

We Face a Crisis of Unprecedented Proportions

We are facing an unprecedented crisis in our nation and the Western world. There has been a meteoric rise in the rates of autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities, allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases and more in the way of chronic and debilitating diseases. And tragically, we are losing a large portion of the next generation of children to neurological, neurodevelopmental, behavioral and learning disabilities. According to statistics released by the CDC in 2008, 1 in 6 children suffered from either autism or some form of developmental problem! Now 13 years later, given the increasing prevalence and current estimates, that number may be as high as 1 child in 4! And, those statistics show that these developmental delays including behavioral and learning disabilities are continuing to increase at alarming rates. And, all of the learning and behavioral conditions have a prevalence much higher in boys. In addition, across the spectrum, the rates of allergy, asthma and autoimmunity are nearing epidemic proportions. Autoimmunity is where the body’s immune system attacks certain tissues or organs. There have been over 100 autoimmune diseases identified now, affecting more than 50 million Americans (that is approximately 1 in 6). The prevalence continues to grow at alarming rates. And, autoimmune diseases have a much higher prevalence in females. (All references are provided in the eBook)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism), is just one of those many conditions that are affecting our children. But it is the condition that get most of the press. The incidence of autism is rising sharply and unabated. The 2014 CDC estimates were that 1 in 45 children were autistic (NHIS data), up from 1 in 150 in 2002 (ADDM Network data), just 12 years prior. Compare that to rates of autism estimated at 1 in 10,000 in the 1950s and 1960s, 1 in 5,000 in the 1970s and increasing to 1 in 300 in the 1990s. (references provided in the eBook)

When the 2020 statistics come out in less than 2 years, it is expected that the rate of autism may be as high as 1 in 20 children in some areas, with approximately 4 times as many boys than girls being affected. Some experts believe at the current trajectory, by the year 2032, 1 in 2 children will be autistic!! In addition, consider the crippling rates of other intellectual disabilities just mentioned. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! And collectively, we must do something to change that.

What would this mean for our society? For one thing, this will be an economic disaster. Even at the conservative projected costs of caring just for autistic individuals, these costs will cripple our economy. In addition to the crippling cost economically, can you imagine the impact on us socially, on militarily readiness and on the affected children and families themselves? What about our intellectual capacity to churn out scientists, inventors and business innovators for the years to come? The clock is ticking. Left unchecked, it is truly a doom and gloom scenario. We must get to the bottom of it and we must do it now! And by sharing this document, you can be a part of the driving force to make this happen.

The vaccine debate is fraught with emotion, misinformation, bias and conjecture. But now for the first time, you have access to an enormous amount of credible scientific information (which you won’t have to be a scientist or doctor to understand).  It is all organized in such a way to allow you several ways to view the contents, depending on your level of interest and the amount of time you have to read. Even just reading the Table of Contents, will summarize the main take-aways of each section and topic. This alone, will give you insights into the contents and I believe will tantalize your curiosity to know more. From the most hard-core scientific mind to the lay person, this expose will shine light on THE TRUTH about this very controversial topic in a way that persons from all levels of understanding will be able to grasp.

My Purpose and Passion

This has been an arduous task to compile all this information and organize it for ease of use. Even though it has been all consuming for me over two and a half years, it has been a labor of love. After reading this, I believe that you will have a true appreciation for the massive effort involved in assembling this amount of information AND making it so user friendly.

I truly have a passion and a love for helping people. That passion is magnified when it comes to the health and well-being of children. When I see families affected by these developmental conditions including autism, and the devastating personal, relational, occupational, marital and economic challenges they face, it saddens and frustrates me. Many had a healthy, happy, fully developing and functioning child one day, and then lost that child into a shell of their previous selves the next. The rest of their lives have been forever changed, often in an instant. While both sides in this issue fight it out, the affected children and the families are innocent bystanders and are being either ignored or used as pawns to advance an agenda. This is wrong! And, no matter where on the spectrum of opinion you stand with this issue, the health and lives of millions of current and future children and families are hanging in the balance. And this is not just an issue in the USA. It is a world-wide issue. I challenge those with all viewpoints on this topic to read this eBook with an open mind, then decide how you feel afterwards.

Thank you in advance for helping to get this vital information out!

This project has been a monumental task. But it needed to be done! I am currently involved legislatively and by writing articles, speaking, educating and working behind the scenes with some of the most prominent individuals and groups to turn the tide in this immense and urgent effort. By sharing truth and facts, the science and the stories of vaccine injured children and adults, we will push back against mandates and the stripping of our rights and freedoms over the sovereignty of our bodies and those of our children.


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