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The research and news on vaccines and infectious disease is coming at us fast and furious, especially now with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Even before that, media vaccine promotion followed predicable patterns, flu season hysteria, “dangerous” measles outbreaks, HPV vaccine promotions. But what is accurate and what is manufactured for our consumption, engineered to steer our thinking in a pharma driven compliant direction?


Now with all things COVID-19, as the 24/7 media drives hysteria and fear mongering, a new push for mandated pharmaceutical intervention is on. In my free eBook 1200 Studies available HERE, you will see the evidence regarding the unintended consequences of vaccines and the corruption behind the industry. The one thing history has proven and the COVID-19 crisis is no exception, is that expensive propitiatory patented new drugs and a new hastily developed experimental vaccine is not the answer. But the powers that be will do everything they can to employ those measures at the expense of our freedoms, our health and our economy.


With the pharmaceutical industry accounting for 50-70% of advertising revenue to network, cable and social media outlets, it is no wonder that so much of the mainstream news is biased toward an agenda that pharma controls. That is why it is up to each individual to decipher fact from fiction and that is not always easy, especially when most consumers want their “facts” in short, quick sound bites.


Well I have a solution that makes that a possibility. I will search for and source “alternative” information that isn’t front page news (but should be), and bring it to you in concise, easy to digest bites in a monthly newsletter. And, I will provide you with the data sources, so you can click and investigate them further if that is your desire! Then you can weigh the information against what is spoon fed to the masses and decide what you want to believe. Stay informed as this scenario plays out by subscribing to my monthly newsletter for just $6 per month.


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