Health and Lifestyle Coaching

How I Can Help:

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help thousands of people through more than three decades of study in the areas of functional medicine, lifestyle and behavioral modification, and clinical nutrition. I am committed to teaching individuals using an organized and systematic educational process designed to improve the health and wellness potential of themselves and their families. The end goal is to accomplish an increase in healthspan, vitality, enjoyment of life.

One of my passions over the years, has been helping people navigate natural alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions for common diseases and health problems. As a chiropractic physician, it is never my place to tell a patient to discontinue their medication. That is outside of my scope of practice and frankly doesn’t conform to my desire to be a problem solver. Allopathic medicine uses a symptom based approach often without regard for the adverse long term adverse consequences. A functional medicine approach seeks to discover the underlying reasons for the development of the health issues (the dysfunction) and develops a strategy that would reduce their need for the medications, rather than simply treating them using a symptom based approach. This is accomplished by focusing on the restoration of normal healthy biochemistry and function through diet, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle modification. The reduction or even discontinuation of their medication becomes a natural consequence of solving the underlying triggering agents for that illness.

In addition to guiding sick people through the complex maze of discovery and motivating them to make the necessary changes required to regain better function and health, another focus is in providing preventative and wellness based approaches for relatively healthy people. This is a game plan that will advance them toward living a life with abundant energy, vitality and well-being.

Helping people achieve better health is an honor and privilege for me. My approach is always based on current scientific and solid evidence based research, substantiated by ample peer reviewed literature and published in respected medical journals.

I spend a substantial amount of my time in between patient consults on The National Institutes of Health medical database called Pubmed, looking for and evaluating the latest research that supports my patient’s welfare. I realize that in order for me to be a good teacher, I must also be a student with a voracious appetite for knowledge.

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Examples of Coaching Topics:

  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Reducing Medication Requirements