At-Home Lab Testing Kits

The technology in laboratory methods of testing has continued to develop over the years, with innovative and convenient testing applications, making it easier for individuals to obtain information about their health in a variety of convenient, yet accurate formats. These include blood spot, saliva and urine options. The type of body fluid tested varies with what the ordering practitioner is looking for and the objectives of the practitioner including the types of treatment they may be rendering (i.e. bio-identical hormone replacement, etc.).

At WellnessDoc, we will be adding tests over time. For the time being we are offering an at-home Vitamin D Blood Spot Test. Knowing and maintaining ideal Vitamin D levels can be one of the most important things that you can do for your overall health. In addition to the dozens of activities that Vitamin D regulates and cooperates in across all body systems, a high level of attention has recently focused on Vitamin D’s ability to reduce the severity and risk of death from COVID-19. While I will stop far short of calling it a “cure”, many international scientific investigations over the first 6 months of the pandemic have shown a significant correlation between tissue Vitamin D levels and outcomes from COVID-19. You can read about many of these studies and a couple dozen others dating back several years that show Vitamin D levels reducing complications, the need for intubation and even death from various respiratory viruses in my article on this site. So, while this information is not surprising to someone like me that follows the science, it is really making waves in articles from lay magazines and even some non-pharma corrupted media outlets.

You can order your test kit by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, but first some details.

The cost is $70. That includes the cost of the test, the cost of shipping the kit to you and the cost of shipping the kit from you, back to the lab. So all that considered, that is really a very good price.

Once you receive your kit, you will find detailed instructions inside. Follow them closely. You will also find an “auto” lancet which makes it very easy and virtually painless to prick your finger. You will then place just 2 drops of blood on a card, let it dry and send it to the lab with your information filled out on the form they provide.

Once your test is processed, they will contact you with the results.

At that point you can:

A). Take the results to your health care practitioner for a consultation on interpreting the results and correcting any deficiencies that there may be. Make sure that you are using someone that is well-versed in nutritional science and is knowledgeable in the process of dosing to bring Vitamin D levels into the optimal range.

B). Contact Dr. Palmer through this web site for a tele-consultation to help you interpret the results and create a strategy going forward.

Shipping is included both directions within the U.S.

This service is not available in the State of New York.

If ordering from outside the U.S.

Kits can be processed from outside the U.S., but the customer would need to contact WellnessDoc to determine shipping costs for sending the kit to them. Cost will vary depending on the country. Once that cost is determined, a PayPal invoice for the cost of the test and shipping will be sent to the requesting customer.