Articles and Studies

This is a collection of articles and studies from research, medical and lay journals, most of which are published on PubMed. It is designed to help you expand your knowledge in many vital areas of health and life. Enjoy!

In an age where information is accessible in seconds from nearly anywhere, how can you determine what is hype from what is helpful? How can you differentiate between information that is biased from that which isn’t?

The best way is to have someone that is knowledgeable in those subjects scrutinize the claims, the methods and the outcome. That is exactly what WellnessDoc does for you. The articles posted are never rogue, uncorroborated ideas. They represent a compendium of science that is compiled from various independent scientific disciplines and entities that do separate research and come up with similar and verifiable outcomes.

Some of the articles that you’ll read here may cover topics and content that you have read elsewhere, but we are certain that you also will find things here long before it hits the mainstream health and fitness magazines.

This educational portal page contains a variety of article abstracts and articles from reputable lay, medical and scientific journals, including article reviews from myself and one of my mentors Dan Murphy D.C.. Dr. Murphy is post graduate university professor, a highly acclaimed and sought after speaker and a brilliant mind. He does a great job of assimilating and then disseminating practical and current scientific information related to nutritional, medical and health related topics. Dr. Murphy’s article review service is $150 annually and provides between 50-60 article reviews per year.


Articles and Topics: