The Wellnessdoc Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox Program

Whether you are looking for something that will offset some of the potential toxicity from the vaccines you are considering for yourself or your child, or for a way to purge toxins and heavy metals like aluminum or mercury from vaccines or other sources of environmental exposure you have had after the fact, a targeted approach using specialized nutritional formulations designed for that purpose can be a vital part of an overall strategy of detoxification.

Vaccines contain ingredients that can be toxic. This is an indisputable fact. It is especially true for a genetically susceptible at-risk population, whom doctors continue to ignore identifying and then making alternative accommodations for. I believe that my eBook 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail has effectively made that case and presented ample evidence to support all of those statements.

Does every person given a vaccine show an obvious adverse reaction to a toxin in the vaccine? No. Does every child given vaccines suffer an adverse reaction or some form of lifelong harm or illness later in life? No. But for the number that do, it is unacceptable. For the ones that will develop the neurological, behavioral, immune compromising and autoimmune illnesses that are escalating dramatically. And that meteoric rise of those illnesses is tracking in proportion to the significant increase in the vaccine dose schedule. To continue to ignore this is unacceptable. For the parents that suffer the anguish and financial burden of raising a child that was fully functioning and developing perfectly normally, then regressed into a state of autism, developmental delay or chronic illness within hours or days of their vaccinations, it is unacceptable. Consider the escalating rate of autism. If the projections that by 2032 one in two children will develop autism are correct, how can our society possibly support that? That is unacceptable! One thing is certain. We need to change something, or nothing is going to change.

Even for those that do not develop an obvious disease state, or chronic illness from the vaccines they have been given, how do we know what effect the added level of heavy metals and chemicals introduced by the vaccines will have over the course of their lifetime? And how might it influence, or add to the ever-increasing burden of toxins we are all exposed to from our air, our water, our food, our personal care products, our cleaning products, and on and on? Significant research is showing that these exposures will contribute to neuro-degenerative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and the now over 100 autoimmune diseases that have been identified and, even cancer?

In addition to the vaccine issue, the vast majority of Americans have had levels of exposure to toxins and heavy metals from environmental sources of numerous kinds. Over time, accumulative exposure leads to an ever-increasing toxic burden. That impacts hormonal, neurological and immune functions, eventually contributing to physiological malfunction and disease. If you have never done a detoxification program, you should seriously consider doing one. If you have, it is a good idea to repeat it periodically, even annually or every two years. Purging toxins that become stored in the brain and other tissues on a periodic basis is a good prevention and health promotion measure.

The first step to healing and better function is detoxification. As long as the body is burdened by a toxic load of heavy metals and chemicals, nothing else that is attempted to restore health will be as effective.



Over the last 35 years of practicing a nutrition, lifestyle and functional medicine based practice I worked with hundreds of patients on conditions related to metabolic toxicity. I had tremendous success utilizing products that support the body’s own detoxification mechanisms, chelated or bound heavy metals for excretion, provided potent anti-oxidant protection and supported and strengthened the immune system’s competency and natural homeostasis, or balance.

Finding quality and effective products

One of the biggest challenges for the consumer is in finding high quality nutritional products in the marketplace. There are so many sketchy nutrition companies out there. Many of them use very unscrupulous formulating and manufacturing practices without regulation. That’s why it is important to only use products from a company that has independent oversight for quality control and good manufacturing procedures. I have been doing business with a company named Nutridyn for over 30 years and have had excellent results with the brands and products I have recommended to thousands of patients. I have also personally known the owners and principals of Nutridyn for over 40 years. They are all individuals of the utmost integrity and honesty. Nutridyn is a distributor for only a few companies, ones that have impeccable reputations for quality and purity. The companies that they carry are GMP certified which means they have been certified for outstanding General Manufacturing Practices. GMP is the most trusted independent certification trademark for nutritional supplement manufacturing. In my three decades plus of recommending the products they sell; I have had an overwhelming degree of success and patient satisfaction.

In addition, Nutridyn’s products are sold primarily through healthcare practitioners, so they are continually receiving feedback on the degree of success in clinical situations with the products they sell. By having their finger on the pulse of those results, they are able to refine the selection process for the products that they carry and sell.

If you are currently working with a health care practitioner that specializes in nutritional supplementation in their practice and with your care, please consult with them so that they can recommend and provide you with the products you need. If they are highly qualified in this area and know your complete health history, they can better recommend what you need.

If you are NOT working with a health care practitioner that offers nutritional supplementation, click on the “Dosing Instructions” link below to explore the detoxification kits that I have created. In addition, you can explore a wide array of excellent products and product categories at Nutridyn at the link below.

For detoxification, there are three “kits” that are age specific for toxic exposure protection & elimination. They are indexed alphabetically under:

Toxic Exposure Protection & Elimination Products are available in 3 categories:

  • Infant to age 2
  • Child ages 2-6 (dosing for age ranges in this group is provided)
  • Age 6 to Adult (dosing for age ranges in this group is provided)

You will find these at the bottom of the drop-down window, if you don’t see them in the drop-down window (which will depend on your browser window and screen magnification), scroll the entire window down a bit and that will allow you to see the last categories on the list. Click

on the age appropriate category and you will see the recommended products. To view details about each product, click on the image of the product and the complete details will appear including pricing. To navigate back to the list, hit your backspace button or click on the back arrow, which is usually located in the top left corner of your browser window.

IMPORTANT- If interested in the detox products, print the dosing instructions before ordering. There are some options detailed there that will help you decide what to order. The age specific dosing instructions have been provided by Nutridyn and can be downloaded here:

Dosing Instructions- Click here

Order the supplements here through Nutridyn

Setting up an account is easy:

  • Connect to Nutridyn
    • Click here to sign the disclaimer and connect to Nutridyn.
    • Once you provide your consent, you will be directed to our Products Page.
    • At the bottom of the Quality Nutritional Products column you will select the Shop Nutridyn and be take directly to their site.
    • Once there, you may peruse the products they offer and set up an account if you wish.
  • To set up an account, click on “create an account “at the top right
  • Provide the requested information
  • Once you setup your account, you can access the products by hovering your cursor over “Products” at the top.
  • When the drop down appears, move your cursor to the category you want to browse and click on it.
  • If looking specifically for the detox products, select the Toxic Exposure and Elimination category specific to the desired age range.
  • Be sure to refer to the dosing instructions page (link above), as it also recommends specific products for certain situations or considerations.