A Chronology of the COVID-19 Vaccines- A Critical Exposé from their Inception to their Epic Failure
The COVID-19 “Vaccines” were hailed as an unprecedented success of epic proportions. Contrary to that public narrative and the subsequent popular belief, the reality and truth has proven to be the complete opposite.

There has never been such a massive coordinated P-R campaign in history. And it took what most experts and the preponderance of the evidence shows was a man-made global viral outbreak. One that was hyped so far beyond the reality of the real-world data and early scientific evidence and harmonized with governments all around the globe, that one can only ascertain that there were global players manipulating the messaging like a puppeteer pulling the strings, or like the Wizard of Oz working the levers from behind the curtain. Sound far fetched? If you read the evidence-based documentation assembled in this eBook, I predict that you will see clearly what it truly was, a coordinated effort to instill control and manipulate behavior of populations in order to convince them that they had to wait for their only savior, the experimental injections. And, that control and the efforts to maintain them have continued perpetually, despite mountains of credible evidence kin the form of studies that flooded PubMed and should have ended those policies and tactics much sooner. With regard to the Draconian restrictions, the outliers like Sweden, Africa, Florida and a handful of others proved that the freedom restricting measures most of the world followed did nothing in the end to improve outcomes. In fact, the evidence shows that the opposite is true. They did far more harm than good. I have covered all of those issues since May of 2020 in my 1200 Studies Monthly Newsletter. You can subscribe to that under the Educational Portal tab.

If you like many people, believe that it was all about the shots, the scientific evidence-based information contained in this eBook will support your position 100%. The catastrophic fallout that we have and are continuing to see from the failed public health policies and from the experimental injections themselves threaten billions of people, and that is not an overstatement. You will see the official government data, published studies and stories that corroborate the significant mistakes, errors and cover-ups that have riddled the first 2-years of the vaccine.

The whole COVID-19 Narrative was a Recipe for Disaster:

The 24/7  fear-mongering, suppression of early treatment, the lack of effective hospital protocols for admission and treatment, the changing of the way doctors were told to write death certificates and the way that impacted the number of deaths, the perverse hospital financial incentives for coding patient admissions as COVID cases no matter why they were admitted, and monetized for treatments that ended up being deadly. From the lock-downs, distancing, masking that inflicted painful individual and collective harms to children, families, businesses and jobs causing immense damage. All this after the early data coming out of countries first affected like Italy, showed that the virus was deadly to the very elderly and those with multiple co-morbidities, while younger healthy people and children went relatively unscathed.

Yet, despite all the evidence about the true age-stratified mortality and morbidity rates from COVID, these unprecedented Draconian measures were unleashed on entire populations, including the coercive vaccine mandates threatening loss of education and livelihoods. Mandates that were wrongfully and cruelly enforced, by governments themselves and by governments putting coercive pressure on private industry. These were the final hammer that drove the nail through the hearts of so many who wished to maintain autonomy over their own bodies. Those who didn’t want to be part of the largest human experiment in history. Those who did the risk vs. reward calculations for themselves and their children and felt the risks outweighed the rewards. But by that time, shell shocked and terrified people were willing to do almost anything to get their lives back and maintain their livelihoods. As this eBook takes you on a journey from the initial phases of the vaccine trials, through a month-by-month depiction all the way through the end of December 2022, you will be presented with what was predicted and what has happened with the vaccines. And you will see that the naysayers along with their concerns and forecasts about the vaccines were right about nearly everything, even from the very beginning.

This eBook is meticulously referenced with links to the sources, for those that want to verify what is presented. It is lengthy, but designed for easy navigation. The Table of Contents contains title links to every story that will transport you directly to that page. You will see the tables, graphs and data from reputable journals, government databases and sources from around the world. It also has key word and phrase search capability, giving you the ability to find information related to your interests within the document.

Download it now. And if you find the content compelling and appreciate the time, effort, passion and love involved in creating it, please refer your friends and family so that they too can become enlightened. It will truly take a grass-roots effort to beat the dark cloud of censorship and cancel-culture that has gripped the world and threatens the scientific method and freedoms that we all hold so dear.

Thank you,

Dr. Alan Palmer

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