15 Reasons why I am personally against wearing a mask

Here are my reasons behind my informed decision making:

  1. Studies are saying that transmission is more from contact that by aerosol (airborne). That means touching something with the virus on it and then touching you nose, eyes or mouth (see below). Therefore…
  2. People can sneeze or cough into their shoulder or elbow and control spread of droplets as well as a mask does. Normal breathing doesn’t spread the virus even if you are infected.
  3. They are saying that you would have to be in close proximity (like within 3 feet) for 10-30 minutes to risk spreading the virus from normal breathing, even if you are infected and asymptomatic. When I’m out in public, I’m never in someone’s space and certainly not for more than a few seconds.
  4. A lot of it has to do with viral load. How much virus is transferred in a short period of time. So, for very low transmission like this (see #5)
  5. We all have immune systems that handle 99.99% of the viral particles that make up the 50 or so respiratory viral strains that we all come in contact all the time and especially in the winter months, and SARS-CoV-2 is just one of them. True some people’s immune systems handle this better than others. But if we could just get the word out about the importance of Vitamin D levels and so many other things, even the immune suppressed could have a much higher level of protection.
  6. Cloth and cheap masks like the ones people are wearing in public DO NOT stop the virus from going through. Larger moisture droplets yes, but the virus is so small that it can travel through most masks or around the sides, because the masks don’t seal properly. This is reiterated in many of the studies you will see in the list below. In addition, the AMA, the New England Journal of Medicine and even the W.H.O. all say the same thing.
  7. Face masks are made of materials that are toxic. Breathing these synthetic chemicals will take a toll on a person’s health.
  8. Face masks reduce oxygen. That weakens the immune system. I have the studies that show that. Some are below.
  9. Face masks cause dangerous levels of built up carbon monoxide, the gas that our bodies have to expel as part of respiration. Normal breathing for even a few seconds causes levels 200% greater than OSHA workplace limits within the mask space. See this video: https://thehighwire.com/mask-test-proves-toxic-for-children/
  10. As you breathe, the moisture you expel causes the mask to get damp with makes the last 2 problems even worse.
  11. Wearing a mask causes you to touch your face and constantly adjust the mask, reaching inside to pull it up, etc. This dramatically increases the risk of catching the virus by transferring what you have accumulated on your hands onto and inside your mask!
  12. Face masks increase fear and anxiety. They are a constant reminder of how “bad and dangerous” the virus is and “it’s out to get us”. That hurts people psychologically…increasing stress hormones that exacerbate EVERY kind of illness and disease, both physical and emotional. The toll that is causing is immeasurable!
  13. Wearing masks encourage complacency. People will feel that they are protected and are protecting others, therefore…they may be less apt to observe the same social distancing and hygienic safeguards. They may engage in activities that may expose them to risk, feeling that they are safe. Or, worse yet they may feel that they can visit and elderly relative or someone with serious co-morbidities because they are wearing a mask.
  14. The compliance with something that is nearly useless and has so many harmful effects is a dangerous form of submission that is more akin to surrender…surrender of our personal freedoms. It’s a VERY slippery slope and a precedent that can lead to loss of other rights and freedoms. Each freedom we let them chip away makes it easier for them to get compliance for the next over-reach.
  15. The face mask issue is SOLELY being driven by the 2 P’s…. Pharma and politics.

-Pharma wants to capitalize on the fear, most of which is completely fabricated and exaggerated (I can share all the REAL stats with you at some point). But they want to perpetuate fear until the vaccine and their expensive anti-viral drugs come out so that people will line up for them in droves like sheep. They stand to make hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. There has never been a bonanza like this before.

-Politicians (ones that hate President Trump or want to see change in the Presidency) are trying to drag this out to do as much damage to the incredible economy we had pre-COVID, so they can take back the White House. Whether you like President Trump or not, it seems apparent that after three years of trying to take him down, this appears to be yet another attempt.

In a health care setting with proper fitting of N-95 and other masks over them in high risk settings AND all the other precautions that they take, YES there is some tangible benefit. (still some harm from the risks listed above however).

Bottom line is…People that feel that a mask will help them should have the right to wear them, but people that know what the scientific community has determined and know that it can harm their own health and make their chances of getting sick greater should have the right to decline.

View the references supporting my opinion