The COVID-19 Vaccines- A Critical Review

With the release of various vaccines for COVID-19, there are multiple considerations that each person should evaluate to make an informed decision.

This document provides a chronology of investigative reports, data, scientific studies, including expert interviews and papers by world-renowned experts in the fields of virology, immunology, epidemiology and medicine, that express concerns and reveal the proven and projected dangers of these new and never used in human gene based therapies, masquerading as “vaccines”. It takes you through a timeline from the onset of the clinical trials through the ever-increasing failure of these products to achieve the protection they were promised to provide. My goal is to share evidence that is contrary to the talking points and quite frankly misinformation that is parroted through the mainstream media.  Full informed consent before medical procedures are administered is a foundational tenet of medicine and something that is sorely lacking when these medical interventions are administered. This is my attempt to fill that void.

Download your free copy, A Chronology of the COVID-19 Vaccines- From the clinical trials to their epic failure HERE.