Cellular Essential Fatty Acid Profile

Over the past 40 years, numerous scientific studies have provided evidence that higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DPA, and DHA, and lower amounts of omega-6 fatty acids in the blood, are associated with reduced risk of many diseases including, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, autoimmunity, Type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, reproductive diseases and even cancer.

Much of the imbalance in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids within cell membranes is the result of a nutrient- deficient diet. Research suggests that a large number of Americans carry ~75% pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and only ~25% anti-inflammatory EPA, DPA, and DHA in their cell membranes. Using the Omega-3 Blood-Spot Test, a person can evaluate the balance of these essential fats in their body. The test can also be used to follow the changes in essential fats as a person works to improve their diet and uses omega-3 supplements.

The cost is $149 for the test and $125 for a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Palmer after he receives the results, for a total of $274. To order the test, please fill out your personal information below. Please allow up to 5 business days for the test kit to arrive. Detailed instructions will be included with your kit.

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