Health Tips

Food manufacturers commonly include taste enhancing chemicals into the food they produce. The motivation is obviously economic. If their product tastes better, they will sell more. Unfortunately, that mentality does not take into consideration what the effect will be on the consumer’s  health. The most well known of these taste enhancers is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG is just one form of neuro (brain) excitatory chemicals commonly found in packaged food and spices. These chemicals over excite brain cells, even to the point of damage. Other neuroexcitatory agents commonly found in foods with similar effects as MSG are anything that says autolyzed, hydrolyzed, modified or textured. sodium or calcium caseinate are other forms. Aspartate, which is the main ingredient found in Aspartame (Trade name Nutrisweet), is a potentially dangerous artificial sweetener. One of the best books ever written on this topic is Excitotoxins- The Taste that kills by Russell L. Blaylock MD. This book has over 500 references. Dr. Blaylock is a respected Neurosurgeon who has spent many years exposing the dangers of these chemicals.

TIP: Read labels carefully and avoid packaged foods that contain these harmful compounds.