Quality Nutritional Products

One of the biggest challenges for the consumer is in finding high quality nutritional products in the marketplace. There are so many sketchy nutrition companies out there. Many of them use very unscrupulous formulating and manufacturing practices without regulation. That’s why it is important to only use products from a company that has independent oversight for quality control and good manufacturing procedures. I have been doing business with a company named Nutridyn for over 30 years and have had excellent results with the brands and products I have recommended to thousands of patients. I have also personally known the owners and principals of Nutridyn for over 40 years. They are all individuals of the utmost integrity and honesty. Nutridyn is a distributor for only a few companies, ones that have impeccable reputations for quality and purity. In my 30 years of recommending the products they sell, I have had an overwhelming degree of success and patient satisfaction. The companies that they carry are GMP certified which means they have been certified for outstanding General Manufacturing Practices. GMP is the trademark of the independent certification company for nutritional supplement manufacturing.

In addition, Nutridyn’s products are sold exclusively through healthcare practitioners, so they are continually receiving feedback on the degree of success in clinical situations with the products they sell. By having their finger on the pulse of those results, they are able to refine the selection process for the products that they carry and sell.


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Including the Toxic Exposure Protection & Detoxification Kits and the Viral Prevention &Treatment Kit from Nutridyn

Therapeutic Devices

One of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields in science is that of energy medicine. Our bodies are electromagnetic energy. Over the last three decades, we have discovered more and more about these electromagnetic fields and the way that those fields respond to external electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of various frequencies and intensities.

Some EMFs are very disruptive to the human electrical field. In fact, between cell phones, computers, WI-fi signals bouncing everywhere, fluorescent lighting, power lines and other electronic devices, we are living in a virtual sea of EMFs. Other subtle electronic fields that mimic the frequencies of the body and of the earth’s resonance are very healing and beneficial.

The devices I have chosen to link to below are complimentary to the human body’s vibrational and healing energies. They provide benefits such as improvement in communication through the soft tissues, increased blood flow, increases in nitric oxide, significant reduction in painful conditions,  improved cellular ion exchange and increased cell voltage.

I have a long history of personal and professional use with these devices and can vouch for the quality and effectiveness of the products. If this type of technology interests you, check out their web site at to find out more. Once you decide which system you are interested in purchasing, return here and enter their purchasing portal by clicking on the button below. Thank you.


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