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Access information that is current, relevant to optimizing your health and has been vetted for scientific accuracy. This information changes as new and updated research becomes available. Scientific research can often be manipulated by poor study design, predetermined outcomes and biased vested interests.

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Access Dr. Palmer for One-on-One Health and Lifestyle CoachingA doctor is only as good as their ability to investigate all aspects and variables involved with the cause and contributory factors of the condition or disease that has developed. Dr. Palmer strives to leave no stone uncovered.

Question- How many feet of blood vessels does one square inch of your skin have?

15 feet


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These health tips act as action steps building toward a paradigm shift in your understanding of optimal health concepts and in the way that you implement your day to day decisions and activities.

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The focus of Wellness Doc is to empower people to fix the underlying pathology that is keeping them from making significant and effective LONG TERM changes to their behavior. In order for that to happen a person has to change their paradigm (beliefs), by understanding the following two powerful and compelling questions; why? and how does it benefit me and my family FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES?

Bestselling author and success mentor Stephen Covey said it well when he said:

“If you want small improvements, change your behavior. If you want massive improvements, change your paradigm.”

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