It’s all the Unvaccinated’s Fault- The false narratives of blaming the unvaccinated


The media narrative blaming people that are unvaccinated for the rise in cases, hospitalizations and deaths is not born out by the facts. In reality the opposite is true. The rapid weakening of the COVOD-19 vaccine protection combined with the mutations along the Delta Variant’s spike protein sequences have brought about an epic failure of the COVID-19 vaccines. Look at the data from around the world comparing the highest vaccinated countries with the lowest vaccinated countries. See how the countries with the highest uptake of the vaccines have found themselves in a position of rapidly deteriorating protection, increased cases, hospitalizations and deaths among fully vaccinated individuals. Listen to the world’s top vaccine experts and studies sound the alarm that the vaccines are not only causing Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and deadlier illness in some vaccinated people especially the elderly, but these “leaky” vaccines which do not prevent infection or stop transmission are pressuring the virus to mutate at a more rapid and potentially dangerous way than would happen with normal viral evolution. This is leading to “vaccine escape” and the potential for mutations that may prove more transmissible and more deadly.

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