Sweden- The world’s COVID-19 response control group


Sweden took a completely different approach to their public health response than the rest of the world. Anders Tegnell, their Chief Epidemiologist and the architect of their COVID-19 response used measures that have been part of public health policy for infectious disease outbreaks for decades. They asked their citizens to socially distance when possible, to use proper hygiene measures, to protect the elderly and the vulnerable and to stay home if sick. Other than that, no school or business closures, no mandatory masking, no mandates. How did that work out for them? How did that compare to the measures and results from not just their neighbors, but other countries across the globe?

This eBook will answer those questions and help you understand the ramifications of not only their actions, but how that contrasts to the Draconian measures that have destroyed businesses, economies, damaged people’s mental and physical health and disrupted society for the last 18 months.