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Category: Exercise

New Year’s Resolutions & Results

With New Year’s resolutions looming, what is the difference between success and failure? Some may consider what I am about to say as harsh or insensitive. The hard truth is that you can get results, or you can fail. There is no middle ground when it comes to FULLY reaching your goals.

  • Wishing for results won’t achieve it.
  • Wanting results won’t accomplish it.
  • Hoping for results won’t cut it.
  • Resolving to get results won’t get it done.

So, what are the KEYS to success?

  • Clear achievable and specific Goals.
  • Then create a game Plan to achieve them. Fail to plan, then plan to fail.
  • A Commitment to the plan.
  • The Discipline to do what it takes.
  • Consistency no matter what. Make it up if you slip or miss.
  • An intense Desire to do whatever it takes. No excuses.
  • A NEVER give up attitude.

Ask Navy Seals, Marines, Army Rangers and Green Berets what it takes to succeed. They understand it. They do it. Failure in NOT an option! Ask Olympic champions. Ask the best professional athletes. Ask the top business leaders. Ask the top performers in any profession. They practice these principles.

How committed are you? Ask yourself:

  • What could you do if your life depended on it?
  • What could you do if failure meant losing your family?
  • Would you do whatever it takes?
  • Then why don’t you just do what it takes?
  • How bad do you want it?

The reason people fail has NOTHING to do with whether they CAN do it or not. It has to do with the battle of THE WILL. And the WILLingness to defeat any obstacle.

Good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions! (although luck has nothing to do with it). I wish you all the success in the world! Happy New Year!!!

Exercise your body in 3 dimensions-

When we move we often think or feel like we are moving in a single dimension, forward, backward, left or right. It is important to realize that movement of our body requires a symphony of coordinated movement between dozens of muscles working from various angles. It is extraordinarily beautiful when you break it down.

The shoulder and the hip are two of the most important joint complexes in the body because they connect our limbs to our torso. The muscles that hold the arm in the shoulder socket are fan shaped on the front (the pectoralis muscles), and on the back (the rotator cuff). The muscles that hold the leg into the hip socket are also fan shaped in the back and outside (the gluteus muscles and hamstrings) and the inside and front (the adductors or groin muscles and long part of the quad muscles).

Top notch therapists and chiropractors will evaluate an individual in motion as well as statically. They will look for asymmetries in the way the joints are moving. When exercising, it is important to be intentional when working the muscle groups from different angles. Traditional exercises tend to be much more linear and methodical rather than variable and adaptive. Life is all about adaptation, so exercises that maximize the use of different angles and require adaptive learning with provide the body with increased stability and function. So, look to vary the height of the pulley on the cable machine, change the angle of the incline and decline bench, do lunges in a fan like pattern as in the moving hands of a clock. An experienced personal trainer can help you to develop a program that encompasses the multi-directional approach to your training.